Why Do Hotels Not Allow Cats?

You may have wanted to take your cat to a hotel but for some reason certain chains do not allow you to do this. But why is this exactly? It seems like a stupid arbitrary thing to do but there are actually good reasons as to why they prohibits pets at there buildings. Here are some reasons as to why some hotels choose to have these rules.

Cats Can Be Loud

If someone is at a hotel odds are they were on a long car drive or on a really long flight and they don’t want to be kept up all night. Cats also hate traveling so if they never have traveled before there is a good chance they will start meowing or howling the whole night. Not a good combination of things to be in the same building.

Cats Can Cause Damage To The Hotel Rooms

If you have a cat that isn’t declawed they can do things like damage the blankets, furniture and curtains. Even if they don’t have claws they could also stain the carpets if they defecate all over it.

They could also knock down lamps or other expensive things like flat screen TV’s. As a result you could be fined for all the damages and possibly banned if you brought the cat in when you weren’t supposed to.

Of course the hotel could charge the person a deposit if such a thing were to happen but there are not many people are willing to pay a large amount of money if something really expensive were to get damaged so hotels ban cats all together because they would rather not go through the trouble of everything.

The Hotel Could Be Sued

Some hotels like to avoid legal trouble and don’t want to be liable if someones cat goes missing or even killed. Housekeeping could come into your room and your cat could run out the door without them even knowing.


A lot of guests are allergic to cats. It can make their eyes swell, itch, and tear as well as making their nose congested, making their throats itch and can even cause severe asthma attacks. As a result this could cost the chain business.

A lot of people will avoid hotels that are pet friendly for this reason because it is really inconvenient and it can take days to recover from it. Even some hotels that allow pets limit floors that they can access over this reason. To avoid loosing possible customers they prohibit animals from staying at there hotels.


Pet hair is really hard to clean up and so is urine and fecal matter. There is also the problem of odor which a lot of people don’t want to deal with so a lot of hotels choose to not do this because it takes up too much of their time. Some hotels will charge you a fee for cleaning costs however. Worst of all if you have allergies doing a standard cleaning won’t remove all the pet hair or dander.

Why Do Hotels Allow Dogs But Not Cats?

A big reason why dogs are allowed but not cats is because of urine. When cats urinate the odor is much stronger than a dogs and it’s much harder to get out. As a result the hotel will probably have to call professionals to remove the stains and the odor which cost more money to do.


A lot of hotels do not allow you to have your cat or any pets in general at their chains but luckily there are hotels that allow you to do this if this is something you have to do. If you have to sneak one in which I don’t really recommend I wrote an article on how to do that for certain situations which you have to – “How To Sneak A Cat Into A Hotel – The Right Way!“.