Is My Cat A Ragdoll or Himalayan?

Ragdoll and Himalayan cats are very similar breeds but there are however differences between the two if you look for certain features of the two. Unfortunately if you have kittens you won’t be able to tell the differences but as adults cats you can. Here are some of the things that you should look for to determine whether your cat is a Ragdoll or Himalayan.


The first thing you should pay attention to is their coat. Himalayan cats have the longest thickest fur whereas Ragdolls have a more shorter coat. Himalayans also have a undercoat but when it comes to a Ragdoll they do not have this. Another key feature in Ragdoll cats coats are they are always silky whereas Himalayan cats can have this feature but they sometimes do not.

Mitted ragdolls paws are typically white and they can have a blaze on their nose or forehead. They will also have a white spot on their chin as well. If your cat has a blaze of any kind it definitely not Himalayan. Himalayan cats typically only have darker paws as well. Ragdolls gloves also typically go higher than the “hawk” (which is the joint on their back legs).

Body Shape, Size And Other Things

Another thing that you need to pay attention to to determine which cat you have is their body shape & size. If you have a Ragdoll they are typically bigger cats that can weigh around 10-20 pounds and the males are usually larger than the females. Himalayan cats are however on the smaller size which they can be between 7-12 pounds.

Himalayan cats have a rounder body whereas a Ragdoll has a rectangular one. Himalayan cats traditionally have flat faces but they are known to also have doll faces in some cases. If your cat displays traits that aren’t found in either a Ragdoll and Himalayan then your cat is probably a mix most likely. 

Ragdoll or Himalayan cats always have blue eyes also so if they have an eye color that isn’t blue then your cat isn’t a Ragdoll or Himalayan. Is Ragdoll cats have more oval shaped eyes and Himalayan cats have more round eyes. Ragdolls also are called Ragdolls for a reason. Its because they feel like one when you pick them up. If you do this and they start to relax this is another indication that you have a Ragdoll cat. 


Ragdoll and Himalayan cats also can have different personality types. Himalayan cats tend to be very active and more playful. When it comes to the Ragdoll however they also have these qualities but not as much as the Himalayan and tend to be more laidback.


This is pretty much everything you need to know about the differences between these two cat breeds. If you are looking to buy a certain pure bred you can’t really tell just by pictures so its very important to have a knowledgeable breeder who knows what they are doing.