Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat In A Studio Apartment?

You might be someone who is thinking about getting a cat or you might already have one and you are concerned about how small your apartment is and whether it will affect the quality of your cats life. Is this really the case though? Well it depends, how small of an apartment are we talking about here? If you have a place that is an average sized studio apartment and your cat has a lot of things to do like for instance a scratching post, cat toys, some room to run around in and maybe even another cat to play with then your cat will be fine living in conditions.

The only way this would affect their quality of life is if they prefer to be an outside cat. However if you live in a below average sized apartment this might be a problem for them as they will not have much room to do anything so I would avoid getting or keeping a cat in this case.

Consider Certain Cat Breeds

Some cat breeds are actually lazy and inactive by nature so they would be the perfect type of cat to have in a really small apartment as they are always relaxing anyway. Some of these include:

  • Persian
  • Himalayan
  • Russian Blue
  • Ragdoll
  • American Shorthair
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • British Shorthair
  • Scottish Fold
  • Birman

Any of these type of cats would do well if you have a studio apartment. Maine Coons also have these qualities but they tend to be on the larger side so they might not be the most ideal fit in an apartment like this though it could work.

Small Apartment Ideas

Because your apartment is really small your going to have to make up for it with some things to entertain them so your cat doesn’t become bored all the time. Here are some things that I would do for them so they stay mentally stimulated.

1: Window Sill – I highly recommend these products because they allow your cat to peer outside your apartment so they can see what’s going on outside like the birds, cars, people and other things they might notice.

2: Cat Tent Or Similar Products – Another thing you can do is have something like an indoor cat tent or anything cats can hide in. Cats really like small confined spaces and it makes them feel more comfortable in their enviroment.

3: Wall Furniture/Shelves – If your landlord allows it you could set up wall furniture for your cat. This will give them a way to have the option to run and climb around from shelf to shelf. If your apartment doesn’t have good sound proofing this might potentially be a bad idea as this could annoy your neighbors in the other room so I would keep note of this.

4: Cat Condo/Tree – If you don’t like the idea of putting nails in your wall a cat condo/tree is a good alternative as it does almost the same thing as the wall shelves. It gives them a way to climb, use their claws and look around the room.

5: Get Another Cat Or Kitten – You might see this as a space issue but this is probably one of the best things you can do to keep your cat busy as they have someone to do things with.

6: Scratching Post – Cats need a way to clean their claws and to mark their territory so a scratching post is something that you should invest in. Otherwise they could do this to your furniture instead.

7: Cat Leash – This doesn’t really have anything to do with indoor activities but some cats love doing this. Even if your cat is fine with sitting indoors you could walk them around in a leash outdoors so they have another thing that they can keep themselves busy with.

All you need is a harness, a leash and some patience. This is something you really have to train your cat to do and it can take some for them to get used to. Some cats however will never let you do this so keep this in mind.


It doesn’t really take too much to please a cat. As long as you know what they enjoy your cat will be very happy in a studio apartment.