How To Make DIY Travel Litter Boxes

Traveling with a cat can be a real annoyance but it can even be more of a drag when you have to get a cat litter box for your car. Luckily, there are ways you can make your own cat litter box and not have to spend money if you really don’t want to. Here are some great ways you can make your own DIY act litter box.

1: Rubbermaid/Storage Container Litter Box

Probably the easiest way you can make a cat litter box is use a Rubbermaid/Storage container. Cat litter boxes are made out of the same material so this method is very effective. You simply just cut a hole in the side or the top of the container and put cat litter in it and you’re done. You might want to line it with a plastic bag as well. These also would be good for a long term litter box as well.

2: Cardboard Cat Litter Box

Another easy way to make a cat litter box is use leftover cardboard laying around your house and use potty pads as lining on the bottom of the box. You’ll also need duct tape, scissors to shape and hold everything together. If you don’t want to use liners you could use something like a plastic grocery bag or garbage bags which will do just as fine.

3: Wooden Cat Litter Box

If you are good with wood and have a couple of screws laying around you could also make a litter box out of wood and liners. You could either make enclosed or have it more open. Again you can swap out the liners with grocery bags if that’s easier to do for you.

4: Garbage Can Litter Box

If you have a plastic garbage can you don’t use anymore you could cut the bottom off, put a plastic bag over it and fill it up with cat litter. I would clean it very well if it has been used before however.

5: Aluminum Foil Pan Litter Box

Odds are you probably have some of these laying around your house. If you do they can actually make a great disposable cat litter boxes. Make sure to put liners or a plastic bag over it before you put the litter in since they can potentially rip.

Cat Litter Substitutes

If you want to take it even further and want to avoid buying cat litter you can do that as well. Here are some that you can go with

  • Sand
  • Shredded paper
  • Potting soil
  • Wood shavings or sawdust

These can be good substitutes but keep in mind these materials wont really absorb odor as well as regular cat litter so your car might smell a little bad.


Its really inconvenient not having a litter box and having to buy one but if you have the right supplies laying around you can easily make your own with very low effort.