How To Keep Your Cat Cool In The Car

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The heat can get pretty brutal during the summer time. This is especially true if you are driving around without an air conditioner in your car. Here are some ways that you can cool off your cat during these hotter times of the year.

Cats And Temperature

Before I explain how to keep them cool It will probably be useful to you if I explain what temperature your cat likes to be in. Cats are similar to humans as to what temperature they like to be in and don’t. Ideally you want your car to be around 70 degrees for your cat to be comfortable. Anything over 100 degrees is too hot for your cat and too cold would be around 45 degrees.

Before You Start Driving

You can mitigate a lot of the heat by doing certain things but you can do other things beforehand to prevent the heat from happening all together or to make the ride more comfortable. Here are some suggestions that I use.

1: Make Sure Your Cat Is Properly Hydrated

When you start driving with your cat its wise that they are properly hydrated. You don’t want them to be dehydrated in the hot weather as this can have ill effects on your cats health. You should also have some water for them during the ride as well

2: Use A Windshield Deflector

These are really useful because they will absorb the heat and prevent your car from getting overly hot. If you have leather seats in your car it will the sun will absorb a lot of the heat and these deflectors minimize this as well.

3: Turn On Your AC for 5-10 Minutes Before Getting In The Car

When your car is sitting out in the sun the inside of your car will be about 10 degrees hotter than it is outside. Let your car cool off for a while before you start driving at least for 5 minutes. That way your cat is immediately cool when getting in the car with you.

4: Park In The Shade

Its best to keep your car in a cool shaded place to avoid your car from getting too hot. Under trees or in your garage would be a good place to park your car.

5: Drive During Very Early Or Late Times Of The Day:

Finally, if possible the best time of the day to drive is really early or really late during the day as the temperature starts dropping around this time.

How To Keep Your Cat Cool In The Car

Now that You taken the proper steps before getting in the car with your cat during the hot days here are some ways you can keep them cool as you are riding with them.

1: Pet Cooling Mat

These are mostly marketed towards dogs but they work just as well for cats too. You simply just put it in their carrier and they will cool off your cat as they lay on them. Best of all you don’t need to power them with batteries or put it in a freezer to have them work. The one is suggest is the “TheGreenPetShop Cooling Mat (click here for the amazon link)“. I have the same one and it works wonders.

2: Ice Packs

If you don’t have a cooling mat you could use ice packs instead and cover them with a towel. This will help you cat stay a lot cooler in the car.

3: Crate Fan

There is a product called the “Cool Pup Crate Fan (click here for the amazon link)” that allows you to attach a fan to your cat carrier. They are inexpensive and can be a good tool to keep your cat cooler in the car and preventing them from overheating.

4: Cat Carrier Water Dispenser

You can actually get a water dispenser for your carrier so you cat can drink their water without getting it everywhere. My suggestion is to put really cold water inside and add some ice into it so it not only helps them stay hydrated but it helps them cool off as well and it will keep the water cooler longer.

5: Leave the Windows Open

If you don’t have a working air conditioner leaving the windows open is a good idea. If you don’t do this the car will get hot very quickly. If you do have a working AC obviously you should do the opposite of this as the cold air won’t stay in your car.

6: Groom Your Cat

The reason why I suggest this is because if you get rid of some of their hair it will allow them to stay cooler. This is especially true for very long haired breeds of cats. You can do this yourself by getting a shaver for your cat. A good set would be “oneisall Shaver (click here for the amazon link)“. It has all types blades and comes with scissors as well. 

Brushing your cat to remove some of the loose hair can also help to remove even more hair. You also want to remove any knots in your cats fur as this can trap heat and make your cat hotter.

7: Wet Your Cats Fur

This seems like something your cat won’t like as they have a reputation for not liking water but a little bit of it they won’t really mind. What you do is wet a towel and rub it on their fur. This mimics when cats lick their fur to help cool themselves off

8: Window Shades

These are great for keeping more of the sun out of your car and are highly suggested when riding with your cat. Best of all their easy to put in your windows and are fairly cheap. Some good shade the you could get are the “Enovoe Car Window Shades (click here for the amazon link)“. These work very well for keeping the heat out and they also block 97% of harmful UV Rays as well.

Final Tips

Here are some final tips when in the car with your cat and your trying to keep them cool in the car.

  • Make sure the air conditioner vents are facing your cat
  • Keep your cat calm while driving. Stress can cause them to feel hotter
  • Use a cat carrier that has a lot of ventilation so the cold air goes through easier

Final Thoughts

Honestly, if you have an air conditioner and you have the vents blowing toward your cat this should be more than enough to keep them cool but if you want to take extra steps to help them stay cool or you don’t have a working air conditioner these suggestions can work very well for you.