How To Keep A Cat Quiet On A Plane

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You might have this problem where you’re on a plane and your cat starts making a lot of noise. Well how can you stop this from happening and not annoy everyone on the flight? Well lets look into a couple of things first.

Why Is Your Cat Meowing In The First Place?

First you really should ask yourself why is your cat meowing in the first place. The most common reason is that its just part of their personality. Some cats are just very talkative and their isn’t much you can do about it.

Some breeds are also a lot more vocal then others. Oriental breeds such as Siamese cats are known to be very talkative. If you think its something else that’s making them more noisy lets look into other possibilities.

Medical Conditions

• Cognitive Dysfunction
If your cat is still meowing it might be because they are getting older. Cats can get more vocal because of age related changes in the brain. A condition called “Cognitive Dysfunction” a condition similar to Alzheimer’s disease can be one of these causes.

If you’re cat is a lot older and they seem to act a lot different then usual you should probably take them to the vet and see what is causing it.

• Hyperthyroidism
Another cause could be Hyperthyroidism which can also be another cause for overly vocal cats. Elevated levels of thyroid hormones can potentially mess with your cats brain and also cause them to meow more.

Hyperthyroidism can cause them to be more hungry so if they seem to be wanting to eat a lot more you should probably get them checked out at a vet.

Even if your kitty isn’t meowing about these things it could also be some other medical condition. They could be in pain. Checking with your vet regularly is a good idea so you know what is going on with your cat.

How To Stop Them From Meowing

In my experience this is what you should do if you have this problem on a flight.

• Let Your Cat Get Used To The Carrier
If they have never been in a carrier it could potentially really stress them out. You really don’t want that when flying is scary for them as it is. To get them used to the carrier leave the carrier out and let them go into it whenever they feel like doing so.

Once they get used to it leave them in there for a short time then build your way up to longer more extensive time in the carrier. You may also want to take them on some car rides so they get used to the movement.

• Stop Positive Reinforcement
Positively reinforcing their behavior can cause meowing in your pet. For instance if they meow because they want to be pet then don’t do it. Wait till they stop meowing then give them what they want.

That way they know if they are quiet they will be rewarded for it and this logic will carry onto the plane. They won’t meow so you will take them out of the carrier.

• Pheromones
If nothing else works then you could just give them a pheromone type product and it will calm them right down and it will hopefully stop them from meowing. I recommend this for cats that tend to get scared really easily. One I suggest is “Melatonin”. Melatonin will make them more sleepy and you can buy these in chew-able form.

If you get them to fall asleep then no more meowing cat on the plane and you can both relax.

If you’re not sure what to get I would go with “Ora-Clens Mela-Vet Melatonin Soft Chew Dog & Cat Supplement (click here for the link)” as they work really well. If you want to see more info about sedatives you can check out my article about that here “How To Sedate Your Cat For Travel: The Ultimate Guide“. Another way you could get them to fall asleep is play with them a lot or do anything that will burn a lot of energy.

Having another cat can really help with this as they probably play with each other. That way when your cat is on the plane they will be really worn out and all they will want to do is sleep.

• Give Them Attention
A lot of the reason why cats meow excessively is because the want attention from their owner. As I said you really shouldn’t do this as it falls under “positive reinforcement” but maybe you are reading this article at the last minute and don’t have the time.

If that’s the case you could give in just one time until the flight is over. However, when you get off the plane you should stop doing this and teach them to not meow when they want something. Hopefully they won’t do it again if for some reason you need to fly with them another time.

• Give Them Food Or Water
Your cat might just be hungry and maybe they want food. Or maybe it just water. Give them a small treat  and water and see if they stop making noise. Don’t give them too much otherwise you and everyone on the plane will have to deal with more than just meowing if you know what I mean.

This would be especially bad on a 15+ hour flight. Again you shouldn’t get them to think they can get what they want by meowing but you can teach them to do that off the plane.

• Put Them In The Cargo Space
If you don’t want to deal with any of these things you could just put them in the cargo area. That way no one will be annoyed with your pet being too loud. The only caveat with the cargo space is that putting your pet here tends to cost more opposed to cabin fees so if you are short on money you probably don’t want to do this.

Do Not Hit Your Pet

I know meowing or yowling can be extremely annoying but hitting or scolding them will not fix the problem and will do more damage then good.

Doing things like spraying water can work and some people actually recommend doing this to fix bad behavior but I’m one of those people that doesn’t really agree with doing this.

Spraying water won’t exactly make your cat hate you but doing worse things like hitting them will make your cat grow to distrust or hate you as an owner and not only that the passengers on the flight probably wont like you for it either.

Avoid Sedatives

If you are going on a plane with a pet do not give them sedatives to help them relax. This isn’t really a wise thing to do as it can have ill effects for your pet on board and it may even be fatal. This is why airlines ban your pet from being on sedatives so I would avoid doing this.

Final Thoughts

Flying with a noisy cat can be tough but there are ways around it if you figure out why your cat is meowing in the first place. If you want more advice on flying with your cat on a plane you can read my article on that here “How To Travel With A Cat On A Plane“.