How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Carrier?

If you have a cat carrier you are probably wondering how long you can actually keep them inside of it and if its even safe to keep them inside of them for long periods of time.

To answer this question there really isn’t a limited set amount of time a cat can be left inside of a carrier. If they aren’t giving you a problem being in the carrier then it isn’t too much time. The amount of time depends on how long they are willing to be inside of the carrier.

When they don’t want to be inside of the carrier anymore they will let you know somehow. Meowing is the most common or they will try to break out of the crate/carrier.

How Long Can They Stay in a Crate?

Since crates are a bit bigger than carriers for the most part they could probably stay in there a lot longer than the carrier. In terms of a crate I wouldn’t leave them in there for longer than a day but I would only do this if you have to for whatever reason.

As with the carrier make sure they have a litter box, food/water and standing and walking space if you decide to do this. Things to do like toys, hammock or another feline friend wouldn’t hurt either.

Do Cats Like Carriers/Cages?

Cats tend to hate carriers at first initially but they can be trained to not dislike them if they are convinced they aren’t dangerous. Some cats however like them and may even sleep inside of their carrier when you are at home. Your cat may even voluntarily walk inside of the carrier without much effort on your part.

What Size Carrier/Crate Should I Get For a Cat?

Generally for a carrier or a crate it should be enough so that they can stand and move around preferably. They can be in smaller carriers but they shouldn’t be in them as long as bigger ones.

If you have a crate that you only keep at home they should probably be larger so they don’t become as bored being inside of it.

Can You Crate a Cat During The Day?

If you need to crate you cat during the day because you don’t want them getting into trouble then I don’t see a problem with doing this. Just make sure not to leave them in there for very extensive amounts of time and they have access to food, water and a litter box.

Can I Leave My Cat in a Carrier or a Cage Overnight?

This is something that you can do as cats will not mind it but I would not leave them inside the carrier/cage for no more then 4-5 hours if the carrier/cage is really small and they can’t stand/stretch, get food/water and use a litter box inside.

Cat Won’t Stop Meowing in the Cage?

The best way to get them to stop meowing inside of the carrier/cage is to just let them get used to the carrier/cage. Put them inside of the carrier for short amounts of time then gradually extend the times longer.

It also helps to put things in the cage that they enjoy like their toys or even cat nip. eventually if you do this long enough that will most likely not meow or not as much.

How Long Can a Kitten Stay in a Carrier?

For kittens I would say to not leave them inside of the carrier for no more than 6-10 hours. You generally want to leave them in there for the same amount of time as an adult cat.

If they don’t want to be inside of the carrier they will let you know in some way. If they start making noise or scratching the inside of the carrier then I would take them out.

Should Kittens Be Kenneled at Night?

You can do this with no problem you just need to make sure that they have food, water and a litter box to be able to use.

If you have a problem with them bothering you at night you need to burn up their energy by playing with them or getting them another feline friend to do it for you.

How Long Can You Drive With Cats?

You can drive with your cats for as long as you need to drive but I would still go with the same guidelines in how long they stay in their carrier. I would also not drive with them really long distances if they never drove in a car before because it will be very scary for them.

If you need to drive very long distances with your cats make sure that they are used to being in a car first.

How Long Can Cats Hold Their Poop and Pee?

Cats can hold their pee and poop for a long time. They can hold their poop for 48 hours and their urine for about the same time but obviously you shouldn’t let them do this. You don’t want to wake up one morning and have to clean up waste out of the carrier.

If they have diarrhea then probably a lot less. The amount of time can be shorter depending on their age, how much they ate or drank, medications or medical conditions.

This might be a problem in certain travel situations so make sure they go beforehand. Cats are also really bad at communicating when they need to go so keep this in mind as well.

Should You Put a Cat in Carrier/Cage As Punishment?

This is something that isn’t really effective. It will just confuse and scare them which as a result will make the behavior happen again. Even worse it will make it harder for you to travel with your cat as they will associate the carrier/cage as a negative thing.

Depending on the situation there are much better ways to discipline your cat. Using a squirt bottle is probably the best method as it gets your point across without hurting them and they learn very quickly from this.


If you need to keep your cat inside of a carrier for long periods of time test how long they like being inside of the carrier/crate then go from there.