Does Wet Cat Food Cause Soft Stool?

So your cat recently started having soft stools but can wet food possibly be the culprit of this problem? If you recently changed your cats diet or you’re simply incorporating a lot of moisture into their diet this can cause loose stools in some cats.

What Is Soft Stool?

Soft stool is when firm stool isn’t its normal shape and is more of a softer or even liquid state which isn’t something that should be happening. Sometimes it goes away on its own quickly and other times its caused by a medical issue that needs to be addressed. Its very common in cats and other than possibly dehydrating them its not harmful to your cat if they do have it. Here is some types of soft stool that your cat might have.

Stool with some shape: If your cat has some shape in its stool but it still looks slightly wet then your cat just has an upset stomach. This would not be considered diarrhea. This is usually caused by a change their diet in some way even if it isn’t a food sensitivity. Your cat might have to adjust to its new diet change for a while. If it does not go away after a few days then you should change their diet and if that doesn’t work take them to the vet so you can figure out the cause of this.

Watery stool: If your cat has straight up liquid stool then your cat has diarrhea. This can be caused by bacteria, viruses, intestinal worms, or food intolerances. If your cat has IBS this can also be another cause of there watery stool. Another strange cause that can also cause this is skin allergies and this can be due to airborne allergens or food sensitivities. 

If your cat has any of these and they don’t go away after a couple of days you should change their diet and if that doesn’t fix the issue you should take your cat to the vet to see if there isn’t something wrong with their digestive system.

Does Wet Cat Food Give Kittens Diarrhea?

Just like cats kittens can have this same issue with soft stools and diarrhea if they have a change in their diet or have some type of food intolerance. Simply waiting it out for a couple of days or changing their diet to drier food will help them with their digestive issues. You want to give them roughly 1/4-1/2 cup twice daily range a day.

Does Wet Food Make Cats Poop Smell?

Wetter food will actually make your cats stool smell better rather than worse. Dry foods have more fiber than what your cat needs, are more starchier. If that doesn’t seem to help proteins in their diet can actually make their stool smell worse. Some of these include seafood, beef and poultry.

You can try to switch their diet to rabbit or venison and see if that mellows out the smell. Another culprit of the odor can be cat food that contains a large amount of vegetables or legumes. these ingredients can also cause a lot gas as well so I would avoid feeding it to your cat if odor is an issue for them.