Do Ragdoll Cats Travel Well?

The Ragdoll cat or as some people like to call them “the puppy cat” are wonderful cats to have. They are calm, docile and typically aren’t aggressive toward cats or other animals. They are a great all rounder cat. Do they fit traveling situations well however?

Since they are a good all rounder type of cat they are very good for traveling situations. Lets go into some reasons on traveling with a Ragdoll would be a good idea and maybe not such a good idea.

Why You Would Want To Travel With A Ragdoll Cat?

1: They Are Open To Learning Things

Since Ragdoll Cats are very docile you have a good chance of teaching them to enjoy travel situations. This is even more likely if they are kittens since they are more open to learning things as well. Since they are so docile they are also rumored to be pain resistant.

2: They Don’t Fight With Other Pets

If you are traveling with multiple cats Ragdolls will be a lot less likely to fight with the other cats or pets on your trip. The last thing you want to hear is your pets fighting with each other as its noisy and they can potentially injure themselves.

3: They Don’t Meow A Lot

Ragdolls are not only quiet but they are one of the most quietest cat breeds you can own which makes them perfect for traveling situations. They would also be great for hotels since they won’t make a lot of noise when others are sleeping.

This is not to say however that they can be prone to being scared of the car or other traveling scenarios and won’t meow they are just a lot less likely to compared to other breeds.

4: They Are Very Friendly

The last thing you want to bring around your car trip is a orinary cat that doesn’t get along with you. The good news about Ragdolls is they are known for being very friendly and are very dog like as well.

Why You Might Not Want To Travel With A Ragdoll Cat

1: They Can Be Large

Ragdoll Cats are one of the biggest domestic cat breeds and can get very big (8 to 15 pounds or 3.6 to 6.8 kg) so if you don’t have the space to lug around a huge cat like this one you might run into some problems bringing them a long to certain places.

2: They Have Long Hair

Since you most likely own a Ragdoll yourself you can probably relate to this one all too well. Ragdoll cats have very long hair so as a result they can get it all over the place in your car or even in other places you are going such as a plane or a hotel. You might want to bring a cat hair roller along to clean everything up so you don’t get their hair all over the place.


Overall, Ragdoll cats are probably one of the best breeds you can travel with as they have very good personality traits for the most part but keep in mind that not all Ragdoll cats are the same and may not be anything like I listed here.