Do Maine Coon Cats Travel Well?

“The Gentle Giant” or most commonly known as the Maine Coon may need to get into a car with you like any other cat may need to. The thing is how well do they travel exactly?

The Maine Coon is the dog of the cat world so they can be great for traveling. They are more curious than other cat breeds and are a lot more likely to not give you problems while traveling. It really depends on their personality though. Some of them also despise getting into a car with you as well. Here are some reasons why I think they are good for car travel.

Why You Might Want To Travel With A Maine Coon


Maine Coons are very intelligent cat breed and are more dog like so they are less likely to get scared of the car. Even if they happen to hate the car they will probably be a lot easier to train so they don’t give you a hard time in one and it will probably be easier to get them in a carrier.


If you are going to be around a lot of people the Maine Coon would be a good choice for this as they are very sociable. Male Maine Coons tend to be a lot more sociable than their female counterparts. Females are also sociable but it isn’t as likely and you have to warm up to them.

Good Around People, Children And Other Pets

Maine Coons are very friendly and like to make friends with people, children and other pets as well which can be a good thing if you are in the car with them. In fact its very rare to not find a Maine Coon that isn’t friendly to others. If they happen not to be like this they most likely came from a bad situation.


Maine Coons do not meow a lot so they would be a very good cat to travel with. The last thing you want to deal with inside of a car is a noisy cat.

Why You Might Not Want To Travel With A Maine Coon

They Are Large

Maine Coons are very large cats so this can be a potential problem when traveling in some cases. For instance bigger carriers cost more money compared to smaller ones or you might not have the room for one. Females tend to be slightly smaller than males.

Female Maine Coons May Dislikes Strangers

Female Maine Coons tend to keep to themselves so they may not like to be around strangers. If you are going to be a round a lot of people while traveling you might not want to travel with them. This however isn’t always the case.


If you are traveling with a Maine Coon its pretty much a win-win in most cases but keep in mind there are some Maine Coons that don’t like traveling as well and will do the same typical things like a normal cat would do such as drooling, defecating, panting or other obvious signs of anxiousness.