Do Cats Like Hot Weather?

Nothing is more relaxing than a warm, hot summer day. But the thing is does your cat feel the same way on those really hot days? Lets analyze what cats think of hotter weather.

Why Do Cats Like Warmer Weather?

Cats are descendants of desert animals so they generally like warmer weather. In fact they like it a little warmer than humans do. They also prefer it over colder weather. This heat seeking behavior allows them to conserve heat and energy in their bodies without their metabolism doing all the work.

What Temperature Do Cats Like The Most?

Cats generally like the temperature to be around 70-80 degrees. Some cats are different and might like it higher or lower.

What Temperature Is Too Hot For Cats?

It really depends on the breed of the cat. Longer haired cats will have a higher body temperature while shorter hair cats will have a lower body temperature. You also have to factor in their age, and even their weight. Over weight cats can over heat a lot easier than a skinnier cats can.

On average a cats body temperature is around 102 degrees so once their body temperature starts hitting 105 your cat is probably not feeling too good and on the verge of getting Hyperthermia. In other words overheating.
Cats also have less heat receptors than humans. Humans will start to feel pain at 112 degrees whereas cats on the other hand will start to feel it around 126 degrees.

How Hot Is Too Hot For Cats Indoors?

Generally you want the room to be around 77-86 degrees if your cat is around. Anything beyond that your cat is probably not going to like it too much.

What To Do If Your Cat Gets Overheated?

Cats don’t sweat like people do. They only sweat through their feet pads, anus and lips to remove excess heat from their bodies. There ears also dissipate heat. If their body temperature rises high enough it could result in organ damage or even death. What’s even more inconvenient for cats is its more difficult for them to cool off than humans.

A human can just remove their clothes to cool off but for cats they can’t take off their fur.

Signs Of Hyperthermia In Cats

According to “PetMD” If your cat is experiencing Hyperthermia the signs you will notice are:

“Initial signs that typically indicate the heat is causing him some distress (heat stress) include:* Restless behavior as your cat tries to find a cool spot* Panting, sweaty feet, drooling, excessive grooming in an effort to cool off* Rectal temperature is usually normal to slightly elevated Then, as your cat’s body temperature begins to rise, signs of heat exhaustion become evident, including:* Rapid pulse and breathing* Redness of the tongue and mouth* Vomiting* Lethargy* Stumbling, staggering gait* Rectal temperature is over 105° F Eventually the body temperature will be high enough to cause the cat to collapse and have seizures or slip into a coma.”

For more information you can read the article at this link here

Can Cats Get Sunburned?

Believe it or not your cat can actually get sunburned especially if it’s a hairless type or a cat that doesn’t have very long fur. Its always a good idea to get them sunscreen if they are outside for long periods of time. You don’t want to give them human formulated sunscreen however as that could be harmful to them.

How Do Cats Keep Cool In The Summer?

There are many ways that a cat will usually do this. some of them include:

Panting: Just like dogs your cat might start to pant if it is really hot outside. They do this because the saliva evaporates from there tongue thus creating a cooling effect.

Sitting Under Shade: Anywhere where there is shade for instance under a tree a cat will sit so the sun doesn’t make them more hot.

Sweating: Just like humans cats also sweat through their sweat glands to cool themselves down.

Grooming: Cats will groom themselves during hot days so their saliva evaporates off their fur. This as a result creates a cooling effect similar to human sweat evaporating off their skin.

How To Keep Your Cat Cool In Hot Weather?

You might notice that your cat will lick themselves during hotter days. Though they do this to stay clean they also do this to stay cool as their saliva acts as a cooling agent. If you want your cat to stay even more cool here are some ways that you can do that.

Cold Water: A great way to cool your cat during those hot and humid days is to give them cool water. You can even make it colder by putting ice cubes or an ice ball into their water dish.

Ice Treats: There are some deserts/ ice tricks that you can give your cat to cool down. Some of them include putting tuna drops into ice, ice balls, or just regular ice cubes. Try getting your cat to play with the ice cubes to add more of a cooling effect.

Cooling Mats: Though most of these are marketed toward dogs cats really enjoy these things as well. There are many options that you could go with on Amazon.

Wet Towel: Another great way to help your cat cool off is to get them to lay on a cold wet towel. Putting the towel next to a fan or a breezy window can help them cool off even more. You could also put the wet towel inside of their cat bed. Putting a frozen water bottle in the cat bed somewhere also help a lot as well.

Air Conditioning: This is probably the best way to cool them down and especially important if you are in something like a car or an RV. Just make sure that it isn’t too cold for them.


My general rule to know if my cat is too hot is if I don’t feel comfortable in a certain temperature then my cat probably doesn’t like it either.