This Is Why Your Cat Has Tears After Eating

Sometimes when your cat goes to eat food their eyes for whatever reason start tearing up. Well, why is this exactly? lets go into some of the reason why this could happen. Reasons Why Your Cats Eyes Tear Up After Eating Cats eyes can tear up for a lot of reasons during eating. Some of … Read more

Shocking Reasons Mother Cats Eat Their Babies

A mother cat eating their kittens is sad but it does happen. I’ve seen this happen for myself and its hard to watch. The good news is however is that its a relatively rare phenomenon for them to do this and its even more rare if they are domesticated cats. On the rare occasions that they … Read more

Do Cats Get Lonely When You Go On Vacation?

Going on vacation is a great experience and everyone should do this every once in a while but if you have a cat and you don’t bring them along you’re probably wondering how they actually feel when you are away for all that time. Here are some of my thoughts on this. Should You have … Read more

How Do Pets Go To The Bathroom On A Plane?

“This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.” This is probably one of the first things you thought of when flying with your cat for the first time. Before I had any experience with this I also wondered how this worked since your … Read more

Do Cats Ears Pop?

If you ever been at high altitudes you’ve experienced your ears pop like everyone else does but the things is do cat experience the same thing when they are also at high altitudes? The answer is yes. Since a cats ears are very similar to a humans they will pop just like ours do when … Read more