Cat Breeds That Love Water

You would think that cats would despises water being that they have this reputation for doing so but this is far from the truth. Water loving cats aren’t as rare as you would think. There are some cat breeds that like playing with water or surprisingly even enjoy swimming in it. Here are some cat breeds that enjoy water.

1: Turkish Van

The turkish van coming from Turkey’s Lake Van region is probably the most known cat breed for liking water. In fact they are known as “the swimming cat”. These are the type of cats that will play with their water, jump in your pool or even join you taking a bath. You may also want to keep them away from your toilet and they may figure out how to turn on your water faucets.

They can be klutzy kinds of cats and swimming isn’t always a natural skill so you should be careful if they happen to fall in some type of water.
These cats are also a part of folklore. It has been said that two turkish vans were on Noah’s Ark and jumped off the boat into water and swam to what is known as Turkey today then went to rest on Mt. Ararat. Interesting.

2: Maine Coon

One of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically originated and native to the state Maine, and known as the “gentle giant” these long haired cats are another breed that enjoys the idea of water. This probably has to do with their history of being pest control on ships.

They also have a tendency of turning on water faucets and playing with their water by scooping it with their paws. They are also called Coon Cats, Maine Cats, Maine Shags, American Longhairs, American Coon Cats and American Forest Cats.

3: American Bobtail

These cats are a result of a natural genetic mutation. This cat breed is often referred to as “the dogs of the cat world” or even the “golden retriever of the cat world” so naturally these cats will have a proclivity to water. This is the type of cat that will turn on the faucet when you aren’t home or you may see them dunking their toys in water.

4: Turkish Angora

Another cat that originates from Turkey and just like their cousin the turkish van also has an attraction toward water. If you happen to see an outdoor turkish angora you may see them playing in streams. If you have one as a pet they may play with the faucet water or even join you in the shower.

5: Norwegian Forest

A breed that originated from northern Europe and came from the vikings these beautiful cats have a water resistant fur that keeps them warm and dry and as a result may go into water if needed be. Just like the vikings they are very good hunters and are known for catching fish in bodies of water so if you have an aquarium or a koi pond these aren’t exactly the best cat to have around your home.

These cats also go by other names such as Norsk skogkatt, Norsk skaukatt or Norsk granskogskatte.

6: Bengal

Coming from the United States and created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with an Egyptian Mau these cats are another breed that takes a liking toward water. Since they have some wild cat heritage its natural that they would.

If they are kept as pets typically they are four generations removed from the leopard cat. They will do things like playing with their water or even joining you in the bath if given the chance.

7: Japanese Bobtail

Originating from Japan and just like the American variation of the bobtail, Japanese bobtails also like water as well. They may not like the idea of jumping into bodies of it but they enjoy the idea of playing with water with their paws. If you see water all over the floor its because they were probably playing with their dish water, the toilet or even your drinking glass.

You may also want to keep them away form your aquarium or koi pond as well as they are known to mess with fish.

8: Savannah

A combination of a Serval and a domestic cat this African breed also loves the idea of water. These cats do not fear water and will have no problem playing in it. They may even swim in it as well. Giving a bowl of water to a Savannah cat can be a problem because they have a tendency to swat the water out of the bowl. These cats are nice to have as pets but the are unfortunately illegal to have in some places.

9: Abyssinian

Originating from Abyssinia (now called Ethiopia) and being one of the smartest cat breeds you can own, naturally they get the idea that water can be a good thing. These cat will enjoy playing with any water source including there water bowl or even the faucet.