Cat Breeds That Are Good For Hot Weather

If you live in a hot climate or plan on traveling with a cat in one you probably don’t want a cat that can’t handle the heat outside. Cats are actually desert animals but certain breeds aren’t really suitable for hotter weather.

For instance a cat with very long hair or is snub nosed such as a Persian Cat would not do well in this situation since their longer fur would make the heat harder on them and they would most likely have breathing problems in temperatures like this. Fortunately, there are a lot of breeds that can take the sun. Here are some suitable cat breeds that don’t mind scorching temperatures.

1: Abyssinian

This breed originated from Ethiopia which has very hot climates so naturally this is a cat that can handle heat very well. Cats like this also have short hair so they won’t be as hot compared to a longer haired cat though they are more susceptible to sunburn. If you get sunscreen they should be fine.

2: Savannah

Another cat that originated from Africa is the Savannah Cat. These are cats that resulted by breeding a Serval and a Egyptian Mau. Servals are cats that live in really hot climates so the Savannah cat will have no problem dealing with a little heat.

3: Egyptian Mau

Originating from Egypt this cat breed would be perfect if you need a cat that can handle hot climates well. They are more temperature sensitive compared to other cat breeds and prefer very warm temperatures.

4: Arabian Mau

Like its name suggest, this cat came from Arabia and adapted to the extreme heat there so this would be a great cat to have if you want one that likes warm weather.

5: Highlander

Coming from the United States this is a cat that resulted in crossing a Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl breeds. Though originating from the United States it has origins from the desert so they will do well in hot climates.

6: Safari

Though these cats look wild in appearance they are actually a domestic breed of cat. They do have wild origins though which makes them a really good candidate for hot climates. They are unfortunately a very expensive cat breed which goes for thousands of dollars.

7: Sokoke

Sokoke or in its long form the “Sokoke Forest Cat” is a cat that originated from Kenya. This cat has African routes which would make it a very good cat for hot climates.


Even though I listed some cat breeds that do well with hot weather most cat breeds would do well since they are technically desert animals. As long as your cat has short hair and doesn’t have a snub nose they would do relatively well in hot climates.