Can I Take My Cat To The Vet Without A Carrier?

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There is always a time in a pet owners life where you need to know what is going on with your cats health and you need to get them checked up at the veterinarian. The thing is not everyone has access to a cat carrier because they can’t afford it or don’t want to use one all together.

So can you take your cat to the vet without a cat carrier? The answer to this question is yes and no. Some vets do not mind that you do not have a carrier and other veterinarians require that you have a cat carrier on hand or they won’t even accept your pet and won’t work with them at all. They will ask you to buy a cardboard one most likely.

You should ask your vet beforehand if you can bring them without a carrier or not.

DIY Cat Carriers

If you don’t want to buy a cat carrier this isn’t a problem. Fortunately you can just make your own and you can take them in that way. Here are some ideas that you could go with if you don’t want to bother buying a carrier.

  • Pillow Carrier: This one is very common. You just catch your cat in a pillow case then tie the top. It seems cruel but its not a big deal to your cat once they calm down. You could also leave their head exposed if you don’t like keeping them in a bag.
  • Cardboard Box: You can either make one yourself or you can get a premade one that you just fold into place.
  • Sports Bag: Another really useful way to get your cat to the vet is a sports bag. If you do this make sure the bag has a nylon or mesh sides so the cat can breathe.

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Best Cat Carrier For Going To The Vet

If you decided that you actually want to buy a cat carrier the best one for this in my opinion is the “Frisco Plastic Kennel (click here for the link)“. I use this one myself and it works great. I like that it has a top door so I can load my cat in it a lot easier.

How To Get A Scared Cat To The Vet

Getting your cat to the vet can be a real pain especially if your cat is always scared of leaving your home and doesn’t like car rides. Well, fortunately there are ways to make this not only a lot easier on you but your cat as well.

Let Your Cat Get Used To The Carrier

If your cat has never been to the vet before the first and most important thing you need to do is let your cat get used to the carrier. If you don’t do this you cat will get scared and start freaking out.

The best way you can do this is leave the carrier out and let them explore the carrier. Once they get used to it then lock them inside of it for a little while. Gradually lock them in for longer periods and they should get used to it after a while.

If Your Cat Refuses To Get Into The Carrier

If you unfortunately have a cat that gives you a lot of problems getting into the carrier even if you tried to train them after a while then here are some ways that you can get them in the carrier.

  • Lure Your Cat With Food: For instance dry/wet food or something like tuna or chicken. When your cat goes for the food sneak up on them and close the door.
  • Towel Method: Trap your cat into a towel and wrap them with their head exposed. Don’t wrap it too tight of course. Then open the top door of your carrier and put them inside. Wearing gloves and long sleeves would be advisable so you don’t get bit or scratched.

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If you really don’t want to use a cat carrier fortunately some vet don’t really care that you don’t have a carrier. Just look around and you won’t have to buy one or make one if you really don’t want to get one.