Can I Bring My Kitten To My Friends House?

Kittens are very cute pets so naturally you would want to show them off to your friends. Maybe even taking them to their house with you. The thing is would it be appropriate to do such a thing?

Cats can be trained to enjoy traveling and or moving around a lot so it would be perfectly fine to take them to your friends house so as long as it does not stress your kitten out. If this happens to be the case with your kitten you might not want to bring them at all. Unless you train them to travel with you of course.

Do Cats Like Going To Other Houses?

Cats are known for being afraid of change and your kitten may possibly not enjoy going to another house because of this. However, If you keep bring them over there house they may grow to enjoy the experience.

Its probably better to have your friend go over your house first so your kitten gets used to them. When your kitten has grown to like your friend, going over their house will be much easier on them since it will remove some stress of the new house.

Kittens don’t have as much life experience yet so they are a lot more open to this type of thing. If they are fine with going to your friend house It might even be good for them as they aren’t kept in the same place all the time and gives them more mental stimulation.

Is It Bad To Move Cats Around A Lot?

This can actually be a healthy thing for them if they happen to enjoy it. The only way that it could be a bad thing is if they don’t have the temperament to enjoy moving around as it stresses them out. If they are stressed out often it could lead to health problems which is something you don’t want.

How To Travel With A Kitten In A Car

If you are going to bring your kitten to a friends house its probably a good idea to know how to take them there properly in the first place. The best way to do this is to put them inside of a cat carrier. You can buy one or you can just make one yourself.

Here are some suggestions I made in this article here “Best Cat Carriers For Long Distance Travel“. If you don’t really want to buy a carrier I also wrote an article on this subject at this article here “How To Transport A Cat In A Car Without A Carrier“.

How To Get Your Kitten Used To The Cat Carrier

You should also let your kitten get used to the carrier before you decide to travel with them as cat carriers can stress them out just as much as car rides. To do this leave the carrier open in the house and let them go into it on their own. Then when they go into the carrier lock them in for a short amount of time.

Gradually make the times longer until they are used to being inside of the carrier. If they wont go into the carrier on their own, luring them with treats or their favorite toys would be a good way of getting them in there.

How To Get Your Kitten Used To The New House

Cats and kittens like familiarly so bringing something that they enjoy playing with or something like like to sleep on will make it easier for them to get comfortable going to their house.

You could also use pheromones such as a feliway collar or spray to help them feel more calm as well. If you’re using a bottle you’ll want to ask your friend to spray it around the house.

Leaving A Kitten With A Friend On Vacation

Sometimes you don’t want to travel with a kitten so its a really good idea to leave them at a friends house. You don’t want to leave them home alone any longer than a day because this can potentially stress out your kitten.

Kittens also tend to get bored easy which can be inconvenient to them. If you do have them stay at a friends house you have them in their own room where they can live especially if there are other cats around. Other cats might not like your cat around and might start acting aggressive.

You might want ask your friend to spray their house with pheromone spray at least twice a day so they feel more calm when you’re not around or just use a pheromone collar to make it more convenient for you and them.

If you are gone for too long on vacation your cat can also feel lonely and anxious when you aren’t around so this is something else you should keep in mind.

Can My Kitten Live At Two Homes?

This depends on your cats personality. As long as your cat doesn’t mind doing such a thing there in no harm in doing so and may be beneficial to them as it gives their life more variety. As I said before however they need to get used to this sort of thing at first. Some cats can adjust and others aren’t really up for it.


Your kitten may not have to adjust to going to a new house and will be fine. However, if they are scared of the whole experience give it time and they may grow to enjoy going to a new house. If it doesn’t work after a long time it’s probably best to leave them home.