Best Portable Cat Litter Boxes For Travel

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When you are traveling with your cat long distances a litter box is a must have thing to have otherwise you’re going to have a big mess on your hand later on in their carrier. Luckily there are some really nice portable and disposable ones that you can use for traveling.

Why Get A Portable Cat Litter Box?

Cat litter boxes in your home are quite large and bulky and are annoying to bring around when traveling. A portable cat litter box on the other hand is easier to bring a long with you as they can fold for easy storage so they are easier to travel with. Disposable ones on the other hand are just that – ones that you can throw away after your trip.

Types of Portable Litter Boxes

There are two types of litter boxes for travel that you can go with and the one you need depends on your traveling habits.

Fabric: These are the kind that are made of fabric and you can reuse more than once. Best of all they fold and can be stored away when you aren’t using them anymore. These are a good thing to invest in if you travel a lot, want to use them more than once and don’t want to keep buying disposable ones. These are great if you are ok with washing them every so often. You could also use these as a storage bag for your cats things if you don’t use it as a litter box.

Disposable: These are the kind of biodegradable litter box that are used for a certain amount of times and you simply throw them away. They usually last about a month then you have to throw them out.

These are really good if you don’t really travel that often and just need something for one time use or if you don’t like scrubbing, soaking your plastic litter box every few weeks.

Don’t Forget To Get Good Litter

Some of these actually have the litter included but if you are going to get a litter box you should also get really good litter along with the litter box so it minimizes odor. You are going to be in an enclosed space so you are going to smell their waste a lot easier than if you were in your house.

The litter that I always use is the “Ever Clean Everfresh Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter (click here for the link)“. I use this brand because it works the best to remove and block odor the best out of everything that I have ever tried. You can go three weeks and not smell anything. Its crazy how good it works.

Best Fabric Litter Boxes

1: Petsfit Fabric Portable/Foldable Cat Litter Box/Pan for Travel Used Light Weight

If I had to choose my favorite fabric litter box this would be my first choice here. In fact this is the one that I use when traveling with my cats. The fabric is great but the handle it could be better and you can unzip the liner if it needs to be washed. This is a great litter box because it has a top so your cat can do their buisness in privacy but you can take it off by unzipping it if they don’t like it either but you might want to for odor reasons and litter scatter. Based on my usage with my cats they really didn’t mind either way.

The top also has an unzippable opening so you can can do their business and it has a top so you can carry it around easier. I didn’t experence any leakage with this litter box either. This litter box could also be a great indoor litter box as well if you don’t mind washing it. Dimensions are 14″x13″x13.5″; door size: 10″L x7″H; folded its 6″x 8’7″ and it weighs only 2 lbs. Comes in black only. Click here for the current price on amazon.

2: Petisfam Travel Litter Box

Another very good portable litter box that I tested is this one by Petisfam. The biggest advantage with this litter box is that it zips up on the top. After you are done driving its really useful so you don’t get a bunch of litter all over the place. On top of that when you do zip it the litter box masks odor very well. I also really liked how the fabric felt as well. Its made out of some type of water proof fabric which it does well at doing based on my testing. Best of all it folds as well with the same button feature as the previous litter box.

There is also a really useful handle on the top as well to make even easier to take out of your car when you are done with it. The fabric on the handle could be better however. I don’t really like the way that they feel. This one also comes with a free scoop and water dish which both work very well. I used the scoop just to test it but in a typical situaltion I don’t really use these for travel litter boxes. I just dump the litter after the trip is over with. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

3: Barrpet Portable Litter Box

The next one that I tested was a litter box by Barrpet. This one is like the previous zip up design I talked about but its more of a circular shape and its made out of a oxford fabric. Out of the box it felt really nice and it felt very high quality in terms of the fabric.

It also did a good job at preventing leakage. The cleaning process was also simple and I didn’t have to put too much effort in getting the odor out. This carrier is however really bulky (its almost 20 inches wide) which is a huge con with this litter box. You can fortunately colapse the is litter box when you are done with it. Overall its a nice litter box if you can deal with the size. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

4: Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box

The is another litter box that I have tested for this list. Its made out of nylon fabric its washable and can be folded conveniently when you are not using it with the button feature. I’ve been using this litter box for a long time and it has not failed me yet. It hasn’t torn and is still holding up very well and I didn’t experience any leaking problems. I also have a very easy time washing it when the time comes. I’ll usually wash it when after I am done with traveling with it.

My only complaint with this litter box is you can’t zip up the top if the odor gets really bad which is something you want to do if you are in a small confined space like a car or when you are carrying it out when you are done with the trip. It also comes with a free water dish along with it. Click here for the link. You can also get the carrier bundle here that comes with the same litter box and a bunch of other goodies as well.

5: Necoichi Pop-up Portable Cat Litter Box

Finally the last one on this list that I tested was the Necoichi Pop-up Portable Cat Litter Box. My initial reaction to this litter box was that it was pretty much the same as the Pet Fit For Life litter box. It even has the same plaid pattern on the front. Fabric feels the same on the inside and the outside fabrics.

It also folds and has the same botton closing feature as the other and it works just as well as the others. I did not experience any leaks the several times I have used it and the cleaning process was easy enough. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t have a zip top but its not a huge deal breaker. Overall a great alternative to the Pet Fit For Life litter box. Dimensions are “15 x 5.1 x 11 inch” and when its folded its “7.5 x 2.8 x 4.5-inches”. Click here for the link.

Best Disposable Litter Boxes

1: Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Litter Box

Out of all the disposable litter boxes that I have tried these are the best ones that I have used. They have very good odor control and they won’t leak or shred after the entire month that I would use these. The only con with litter boxes like this is if you use these outside of traveling they can be very expensive if you have multiple cats as you do have to replace them every month.

Otherwise for a one time use every so often when you travel they are very cost efficient. They are also made out of 100% biodegradable, recycled paper which is also a plus and they contain baking soda to combat the smell of the urine. You can also use them for up to four weeks. Click here for the amazon link.

2: Frisco Disposable Litter Box

Another great company that makes these types of litter boxes is Frisco. When I tested these they generally lasted the same amount of time as the Kitty’s Wonderbox boxes. These have baking soda made into them so it helps with the ammonia smell which I would say generally did it job. Overall these are pretty much on par with the Kitty’s WonderBox litter boxes. Click here for the link.


Personally if I had to go with my own choice with these it would be the fabric kind just because they are not that hard to wash and it saves a lot of money. The disposable ones are nice but I can’t see myself spending money on these for my use case. Whatever ones you decide to choose they both can be a great way to get around without having to bring a plastic litter box around.