Best Outdoor Tents For Cats

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Whether you want something to do around the house or you are outside these are a great thing to invest in.

Why You Should Get A Cat Tent?

These are really nice to have while camping or even just casual outdoor/indoor use and it gives them something to relax in and helps them stay out of the sun. When you aren’t camping these can also be a nice thing to have around your house for your cat to play or hang out in. They are also very easy to wash when the time comes to clean them.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cat Tent

Size: You might want to consider the size that you want for your cat or cats. If you have more than one cat then you might want to get a bigger one so they have room to play with each other. If you have only one cat you might want to go with a smaller one as cats are happier in smaller spaces.

Tube extensions: If you want even more room you could get a tent with a tube extension on it. You can usually buy these separately. You can connect it to another tent and they will have more room to play in. You could even connect it to other things as well such as a door or a window.

Pillow: Tents are great on their own but you can also get some nice pollows to put inside of them so they have something to relax on.

Types Of Tents

There are three types of tents that you can usually get. These include.

Camping Tent: One of the types of tents you can get is these camping style tents. They are like they sound. A camping tent like humans use but its smaller and for cats and pets in general. They have all the features like bigger ones like privacy covers,

Mesh Tent: These are les traditional and more of a pet design. These look similar to camping tents but they are entirely mesh and have a lot less features. You can also add a tube extension to these so your cats can play in it.

Plush Tents: These are more designed like a pet bed but they have a top that makes it look more like a tent.

1: Sherpa U Pet Tent Dog Portable House

Out of all of the tents that I tried this is the highest quality one I have used and one of the tents that I use personally. When I unboxed it I like how nicely it was built and it was a breeze to set up. To set it up It works similar to how an umbrella works. You just pull it up which cause it to expand and its ready to go. The windows are claw proof, can be unzipped and it comes with a special attachment that can be put on the top whenever it rains so your cat doesn’t get wet or you want them to avoid the sun. I tested this during a really windy day a the stakes work very well at keeping the tent in place.

You could probably fit three cats in this tent as well even though its on the smaller side. I had a very easy time cleaning it as well when I first had to wash it. It also comes with a nice bag you can place it in when you are done with it as well. The only thing I dislike about this tent is the price could be lower and it maybe could come in other colors other than grey but I think its worth it overall. You can get this tent in a size medium. Click here for the link.

2: Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosure

When I need more of the lines something my cats can play in and have a lot of room to do so this is the other cat tent I use. I not only own one but two so I can use the tube extension that links them together. Its easy to set up and you simply pull the top and it epands like a lot of the other tents like these. It also comes with stakes you can put into the ground. I tested these during a windy day and they work great. It also comes with a storage bag so you can store your tent for later use.

It completely made out of mesh and you can unzip the front so your cat can go into it. This is also where you attach the tube and you do this with zippers. My cats really love playing in these tents. The only thing I don’t like about this tent is if you need to get your cat for whatever reason there isn’t another opening you can unzip so you have to detach the tube from the tent. Click here to check the current price on

3: Strong Camel Funhouse Portable Tent

The next tent I tested was the Strong Camel Funhouse Portable Tent SH006. I like this tent because its similar to the out back Jack tent but it has a much bigger door and its at a much lower price range. This tent is for people who don’t care about the tube add on and they just want a mesh tent. When I set it up it was fairly easy to do and it was similar to the other tents I used.

You just attach the metal mechanisms, expand it on the outside of the tent and your set. The door is probably the best thing about this tent and it works like a curtain so your cats have a lot of room to go in and out of it. It also stakes in the ground and it worked really well against wind. Overall I don’t really have any cons with this tent. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

4: Pet Fit For Life Tent Tunnel Cube Dog & Cat Pen

I not only like the Outback Jack tent but this is another one similar to it that I used and liked a lot. Its made by Pet Fit For Life. It has the same mesh/nylon style as the Outback Jack but it has a different tube attachment that has more of a boxed style at the end of it which has more zipper doors on each side so you could technically attach three more tents to it if you wanted to.

The set up process was generally the same experience I had with other tents and it stayed in the ground just fine. This tent comes with a nice carrying bag and 10 stainless steel stakes as well and only comes in black/blue. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

5: Nala and Company – The Cat House Outdoor Pet Enclosure

Another great tent I have tested out is this one by Nala and Company. This one is different from the previous tent and is made out of all mesh. It was very easy to set up. All you do is pop it open and there is a front zipper to open the front enterance so you cat can walk into it and it has a nice material on the bottom that feels soft and comfortable.

Its 43 x 23 x 18 inches and just over a pound in weight. I also had a very easy time cleaning this tent as well. It also comes with a bag you can store this tent into when not in use. My cat really loved sitting in this thing when I tested this one. You could probably fit three cats into this tent. Overall this is a great product. Comes in teal, white and black Click here to check the current price on amazon.

6: Alcott Pup Tent

Alcott has made some really good products in the past and this is one of those products. This is an all nylon tent so its water proof and has five nice mesh windows so your cat can see what going on outside which my cat enjoyed doing. You can let them look out the windows by rolling up the nylon covers. When I set it up it was really simple to do and my cats had no problem trying it out when I showed it to them.

It also includes ground stakes and a travel bag so you can carry it around a lot easier. Measurement are “32” Wide x 42″ Deep x 30″ Tall”. It however only comes in green and black. Overall this is a really nice tent if you want something cheaper than the Sherpa one that I listed. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

7: WeeH Small Medium Pet House

They call this product a pet house but its basically a tent and its a good one at that. This tent is made out of oxford fabric and has mesh windows. This tent also includes a pet pad and is filled with floral. The tent door is also really nice as its fairly large and my cats had plenty of room running into it. I had an easy time setting it up and my cats enjoyed the experience being inside of the tent. The stakes also worked really good with the wind testing.

The only thing I do not like about this tent is even though the door has one the windows do not have privacy covers on the windows to dodge rain. However I don’t think it will be a big deal for most people and I don’t think your cats will mind either. The colors it comes in orange and blue. The dimensions are “22 inch x 22 inch x 19 inch”. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

8: OLizee Washable Pet Tent

The tent I tested out next was this one by OLizee. This is pretty much your typical nylon tent. Its made out of oxford cloth and has mesh material windows. Like the other tents I had a very easy time setting it up (which was the same process as the others) and it ready to be used. During the wind test I had no problems getting it to stay in the ground either.

The opening is also fairly large so your cats have plenty of room to run out of it. The only thing I dont like is that the door is kind of messy looking when you have it open. Overall my cats really liked playing in this tent. It comes in blue, coffee, and rose red and you get a nice bag that comes with it. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

9: Frisco Tent Covered Dog & Cat Bed

And finally this the last tent I tested by Frisco. This is a Polyester, Synthetic Fabric tent that is more suited for indoor use but you could use somewhere outside like your porch or deck. It has this really nice removable pillow which is made out of Plush / Fiberfill in the inside which I really liked about this tent.

The top also has this tab that you can use to carry it around and its 16 x 16 x 14 inches and the opening is 8.5″ x 8.5″. When I unboxed this tent it didn’t take long for my cat to give it a try and she enjoyed relaxing in it. You can get one in small and medium and the colors include Beige and tan. Click here to check the current price on


Overall if you are going camping I would go with one of the nylon tents as they are more sturdy and make it way less likely of wild animals bothering your cats. If you are casually just sitting in your yard and want an activity for your cats to keep them busy or want something to have them relax in the mesh style tents would probably be the best choice for your use case.