Best Cooling Mats For Cats: Mats Worth Your Time

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It can get really hot in the summer time and like yourself sometimes it can be hard for your cat to cool off during this time of the year. These products are generally for dogs but cats also enjoy using these things to cool off during the warm months.

Why Get a Cooling Mat For Your Cat?

These mats are worth having because you can help them cool off more if you want to save money on your electric bill. These are also nice for putting in the cat carrier when you are traveling since cat carriers can get hot in the inside.

Types of Cooling Mats

There are two types of mats that you could potentially go with. The difference between the two types is what it is filled with.


These are the best type of mats because they work longer than the water type ones. Best of all the gel is non toxic and doesn’t hurt your pet if ingested. It may however cause stomach upset or temporary digestive problems so make sure to check for damage to the pad.


These are also another style pad that you could get. I don’t really recommend these however because they don’t last as long and they will make a mess if your pet breaks it open so as a result I won’t be listing these types of mats.

1: The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat

This is the original cooling mat for pets and is probably the best one that you could go with. This one is pressure activated and will last up to 3 hours. Best of all its automatic and will recharge after 15 to 20 minutes and requires no water, refrigeration or electricity to get working again.

It has a variety of sizes as well including small, medium, medium/large, large and x-large and is a nice sky blue color. Click here for the link.

2: Hugs Pet Products Cooling Pad

This one is really nice pad that I have personally used for my cats. It has the same cooling technology as the other mats I listed and the material is also breathable which makes the cooling more efficient. It will last up to 3 hours. It comes in large, medium and x large. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

3: Coleman Pressure Activated Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Pad Mat

Coleman is a nice company that makes good quality products and pet mats are no exception. This one works just like the other and keeps your pet 5-10 degrees coolers which is nice. It comes in blue, green, silver and silver bone. the measurements are also 24” wide x 30″ long. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

4: Arf Pets Pet Self Cooling Mat

This is another nice mat that you could go with. Its a nice dark blue and will last up to 3 hours before having to be recharged again. Its also made out of non toxic material and is 100% latex free so its completely safe for animals to use. Click here for the link.

5: FurHaven Pupicicle Cool Gel Dog & Cat Pad

This is another really good mat that you could go with. Just like the others its pressure activated and will recharge without being put in the refrigerator. It comes in Black Medallion, Desert Brown and Boulder Gray and you can get it in medium, large, x-large and jumbo. Click here for the link.

6: FurHaven Wave Fur & Velvet Cooling Gel Deluxe Chaise Dog & Cat Bed

If you want something that look more of the lines like a mini mattress then this would be the perfect thing to get for them. You can use this one indoors and outdoors, its water resistant, uses gel beads to cool your pet and is made out of medical grade foam. It comes in Brownstone, Granite Gray. Click here for the link.


These mats are really nice to have but if your pet has a chewing or clawing problem these might not be the best thing to get for them as they will just break it open and potentially eat the gel inside.

You also want to make sure that you don’t accidentally step on it or do other careless things as it could also break the mat. Though the gel inside of the mats isn’t toxic its something that you generally want to avoid laying around your house.