Best Cat Slings: My Top Choices

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If you need a way to carry around your cat for some reason but you don’t want something large like a cat backpack then a cat sling would be a perfect thing to invest in.

What Is A Cat Sling?

Cat slings are a type of carrier that is similar to a messenger bag but your cat or pet goes inside of the bag.

Why Get A Cat Sling?

There are some ways where a cat sling would be useful to use. Some of these include:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Car Trips
  • Taking them somewhere such as the park, store, mall or vet
  • Carrying them around the house

If you need to take your cat somewhere for whatever reason these are quite useful to have if you can find a use for them.

Do Cats Like Cat Slings?

Like most things that are new to cats they hate change so they might not like them. You have to use them for a while to see if they warm up to the idea of being in one. Some cats will never get use to them and won’t like to sit inside of one. It really depends on your cats personality.

Some Considerations

As I said cats have to get used to being in one of these and it may take time for them to get used to being in the sling. If you use them improperly it may cause them to feel anxious or uncomfortable being in the bag so make sure to read the directions carefully. 

You should also make sure that it has a safety hook that attaches to their collar or harness so they don’t escape. Sizing is also important. You should read the dimensions of the sling to make sure your cat will fit inside.

1: FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling

This cat sling is great because it holds up to 13 pounds and it has a very nice reversible design as well. It also has a hook to keep your cat secure in the bag so they don’t escape and get lost. You can get it in Khaki and Chevron Grey. Click here to check the current price on

2: Cuby Dog and Cat Sling Carrier

If you want something smaller than this would be a great choice to go with. Its very ideal for a cat that is around 10 pounds. I also like the material which is made of high quality soft cotton and resilient polyester and I really like the overall design as well.

It comes in Blue, Classic Blue, Classic Grey, Classic Pink, Grey, Light Grey, Ripple Grey and Striped Grey. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

3: Cozy Courier Pet Products Sling Carrier

This sling is great because of its unique design and it has more space for your cat to move in. Like other slings the opening can be adjusted and it hooks you pet on both sides so they don’t fall out of the sling. It also has pockets where you can store things like their treats.

Comes in Grey. Click here to check the current price on

4: iPrimio Dog and Cat Sling Carrier

This is another reversible cat sling that I have recommended in the past and I still really like it to this day. You can put a cat in this sling that is up to 12 pounds. Its machine washable too which is really nice as these thing can easily get dirty.

It also comes in really neat colors including Black, Grey, Navy, Orange and Pink. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

5: EVBEA Cat Sling

I like this one mainly because of its sturdy and unique mesh design. If you’re worried about your cat escaping they will have a very hard time getting out of this one. You can get in Small which holds pets up to 6 pounds and Large which hold up to 13 pounds.

It comes in many colors including Blue, Pink, Pure Blue, Pure Green, Purple, Rose Pink, Syle-Black, Syle-Red and Yellow. Click here to check the current price on amazon.


Most slings are pretty much the same. As long as its made well you won’t really go wrong with most choices that you go with.