Best Cat Calming Sprays For Home And Travel

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If you ever have taken your cat inside of a car or in any traveling situation for that matter you’ll know how anxious your cat can get and it can cause you a lot of problems. Fortunately, there are ways you can help them calm down during these trips and cat calming sprays are one of the best ways to do this in my opinion.

Do Cat Calming Sprays Work?

Cat calming sprays are scientifically proven to work and they are veterinarian recommended. They do not however remove the underlying issue permanently that your cat is having and once the spray fades your cat will go back to its previous behavior.

What Are Cat Calming Sprays?

They are a spray that is designed to induce a calming effect by using a synthetic pheromone that comes from mother cats. They come in sprays but they come in other forms such as collars, diffusers and other things as well so they have a use beyond travel which is nice.

Why Get A Cat Calming Spray?

These are very useful if you are traveling and your cat tends to get very nervous in a car, plane etc. and you want to do this without using drugs. You can also use them if they are afraid of other things such as thunder and lightning, fireworks, separation anxiety or a move to a new home. You can also minimize or even remove behaviors such as:

  • Urinating outside of their litter box or Spraying
  • Excessive meowing
  • Aggression
  • Tension with other pets in the house

Best of all they aren’t very expensive and the bottle can last you a while depending on the brand. They also work on not only cats but kittens as well.

How To Use A Cat Calming Spray

To use one of these sprays you simple just want to spray it in the environment they are going to be in such as inside their carrier or even inside of your home or car. You don’t want to directly spray it on your cat just wherever they are going to be.

How Long Does A Cat Calming Spray Last?

Based on the multiple brands that I have used they generally last about 4 to 5 hours. If you need it to last longer you might need to apply it a couple times a day.

Do Cat Calming Sprays Have Side Effects?

Using a cat calming spray generally has no side effects. The pheromones are species specific and won’t affect other types of pets that you might have or even humans.

1: Feliway Travel Spray

Out of all the pheromone sprays you can get Feliway is by far the most known and used for cat calming and is the number 1 vet recommended spray currently and the one that I use myself as well. To be more specific on how it works it mimics a cats facial pheromones which induces familiarity and security.

This will allow you cat to be less aggressive and reduce any other unwanted behavior. You can also use this as a “detractant” to eliminate spraying and scratching if your cat has this problem.

To get this spray to work simply use 8-10 pumps in the enviroment they are going to be in and it should work as intended. Click here to check the current price on

2: ThunderSpray Calming Spray

The people at ThunderShirt have a pretty good reputation for their calming vests as they have an 80% success rate and their spray is no different in terms of quality. In fact their spray has a higher success rate which is 90%. This particular spray mimics a mother cats pheromones and creates a calming effect for your cat.

It also has a nice lavender and chamomile aroma. It also pairs well with their ThunderShirt vest (click here for the link) since it also helps with anxiety. To check out the ThunderSpray calming spray click here to go to the page.

3: Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Calming Cat Spray

This is another very high quality pheromone spray that you could go with mainly because it is veterinarian recommended. Its also been clinically proven to reduce urine spraying and excessive scratching. You might also want to go with this one if you don’t like sprays with an odor or added scent as it is odor free. Click here to check the current price on

4: Sentry Stop That! Behavior Correction Spray

Sentry makes very high quality pet products and their cat calming sprays are no exception. They have over a decade of experience and work with top pet experts to make these products work as good as they do. This spray has also been scientifically proven to work for reducing jumping on counters and destroying things in your house.

This spray is unique compared to other pheromones on the market because it uses a special noise technology that works along with the pheromones in the spray. It also works quite well for travel situations as well. Click here to check the current price on


These are a great way to calm your cat down in travel or home situations but keep in mind they don’t work for all cats. If that’s the case and the pheromone spray doesn’t help your cat you might have to go the sedative route if you plan on traveling with them.