Best Cat Window Perches For Your Car

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Window perches are good for your cat to relax, sun bathe and watch the birds out the window while at home but what about one for traveling? The truth is you can install one of these in your car as well but you need one designed for your car.

Why Get A Cat Window Perch?

If you use ones for homes they tend to be too large unless you have an RV or something similar. These can be real beneficial for car rides and will keep your cat busy and not bothering you while driving. If you can get your cat to like the car this will make it even more enjoyable for them and they may even look foward to going in the car with you if you have something like this in the car.

Types of Perches

There are a couple of types that I have come across that can be used in cars. Some of them include

Non Privacy: These are the standard style that most of these sills come in. They have a design similar to a boat.

Privacy Style: These are more a pod style sill that covers the top so it gives your cat a more nclosed feeling when sitting in your window. These are good because your cat will feel safer if they are in tigh confined spaces.

Things To Keep In Mind

You cat may have to get used to the cat sill and may not like it at first but they may in time. Some cats will never want to use it at all no matter how much time you give them. If the sill happens to fall with your cat in it your cat may not trust the sill and may not use it anymore so make sure that you get a good sill that works well.

Some cats also might like certain designs and might not want to use other ones. My cats happen to like the standard design but they for whatever reason aren’t very interested in using the pod design so keep this in mind. Really cheap Chinese sills tend to have really bad suction cups on them so make sure to get good quality replacements for them. Finally make sure that the window surface is clean or you will have a problem with it staying properly. A little Windex should do the trick.

1. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

Out of all the sills that I used this one was my favorite and is the one I use for my cats. It also comes with a free K&H pad along with it! It comes in Green, Tan and Grey With Kitty Face. Holding it in the hand it seems very well made and it doesn’t seem like your cat is going to scratch it up. The pad on the inside also feels really high quality and it traps hair and dander as well. The measure ments are 27” wide, and it 11” tall so keep this in mind if you plan on using it in your car.

I stuck it on my window and it did a good job staying in place. It didn’t take long for my cat to jump into it and she loved it the entire ride. The suction cups have not come undone since I’ve attached it to my car window. I even bought another one for my home as well. Overall I highly reccomend this thing. Click here to check the current price on and here for the (grey with kitty face).

2. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Pod Kitty Sill

This is another cat hammock by K&H but it comes in a pod style. When I tested this one out it was pretty much the same quality and feel as the previous K&H sill I talked about. This one however is a little taller going at a whopping 20” but its the same length. If your cat likes privacy this is the one you want to get for them. The pad on the inside feels pretty nice as well.

Some cons with this design is that if you have people in the back seat it kind of gets in the way of their view when looking out the window. This sill is ideal for a back window or a bigger vehicle or you can just use it in your home if you don’t have either. My cats also weren’t the hugest fan of this design and wouldn’t even use it. This one also comes in only Green and Tan. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

3. GETMORE7 Cat Window Bed

This is another one that I came across that I think would be a good choice to go with. When it came to my house and I unboxed it my initial reaction was how similar it was to the K&H sills. The material feels pretty much the same and it works just as well too. the padd also feels just as good as the K&H ones. It does not have a logo in the front however which is a slight con. It makes it look slightly cheaper but it still works quite well.

When I stuck it on my window it did a good job at staying secure after a couple of days that I used it. The price could also be a little better but still worth a buy. It comes in Beige and Green. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

4: Hamiledyi Cat Window Bed Kitty Sill

This is a sill that is made a company called Hamiledyi. It has the standard shape of a cat window sill and it comes in this really nice grey color. I really like the way this cat sill looks but the suction cups don’t work well on it. I had it hanging up for a couple of hours and the sill slid off the window with my cat inside of it.

Luckily you buy replacement ones that work way better and you can keep the sill itself. The ones you can get are the K&H ones on their website here. You will want to get the Push n’ Turn style ones. K&H says they only work with their products but they also work on similar sills like this one. I used these and the sill works great now. Click here to check the current price on amazon.

5: Gazechimp Cat Hammock

Here is another great sill that I tested out that looks really cool. It comes in blue, grey and pink and has a nice paw print on the right side of it. I didn’t really like the material as much on this one but it still felt decent. The cushion on the inside felt pretty good however. Like the previous sill I also had a problem getting this one to stick to my window even after cleaning my window and everything for a long period of time so I had to use the K&H replacement suction cups to get it to stay. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there aren’t many cat perches or hammocks made for cars so you don’t really have a huge selection to choose from with these products. I would love to see more unique designs from these types of products that are for car use but unfortunately that isn’t the case.