Products That Allow You To Bike With Your Cat

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I’m one of those people that feels bad for their cats if they are always stuck inside of the house all of the time. I would let my cat outside and do whatever she wants but I felt like I could do more with my cat.

But exactly how would you do that? You would think it would be pretty hard to be able to do this but there are a lot of things that you can use as a bike attachment to get them moving around and allow them to enjoy more of the world with you.

Some you don’t even need to mess with your bike at all. Some of them seem like they are for dogs but they work just as well for cats too. Here are some of the ways that you can do this yourself.

1. Cat Bike Basket

Front Bike Baskets

These are attachments that you can use in front of your bike that your cat can sit in. This is my preferred way of doing this and the one I use is “Petsfit Dog Baskets/Pet Carrier for Bicycle with Big Side Pockets and Soft Pad (click for amazon link)“.

Another nice one that I really like is “K&H Pet Products Travel Dog Bike Basket (click for the link)“.

What I like about this thing is that it has vents on the sides so it will keep your pet a lot cooler as you are riding with them. It also comes in a lot of colors which is a nice touch. Either way, both of these baskets are highly recommended if you are biking pet owner!

Safety Concerns

You might be worried about “Well, what if the cat gets away?”

These types of baskets should come with a leash/harness attachment to it so they don’t get away while you are riding. If they didn’t, this would be very unsafe for not only you but your cat as well.

If for some reason you have a bike basket and it doesn’t come with a leash/harness attachment you can just buy a harness and tie it to your bike. I don’t really recommend this but if it’s something you have to do it is an option.

2. Cat Trailer

These are things that you can attach to the back of your bike and you put multiple pets inside of it. I would recommend one of these if you have more than one pet and you don’t want them to get away as you are riding with them.

Only thing is that these things are slightly pricey. They go for around $100 or more. If you can deal with that and is something that might be useful to you, the best one I came across is “Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier (click for amazon link)“. It’s in a really good price range and might be the thing that you are looking for.

However this one holds one cat in it. If you want something a little bigger you could go with “PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Aluminum or Steel Bicycle Trailer (click here for the link) which would allow you to bring a lot more of your pets outside without getting away.

3. Cat Backpack

If you don’t want to mess with any type of attachments that you have to put on your bike you could just use a backpack and put your pet in there. These would also be useful even if you weren’t on a bike and you were just walking. They could also be really useful if you’re hiking as well.

There are also many styles that you could go with as well. Some of them include.

Traditional Cat Backpack

If I had to recommend another one I would use “Lemonda Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack (click for amazon link)“. I’ve talked about this thing before and I think it’s a really good product but my first thought about this backpack was “It way too cramped in there!”.

Front Style Backpack

There is one called “Outward Hound PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier (click here for the link)“. This thing is very cheap and you just slip it on like a backpack with out them being enclosed in a box-esque contraption.

Sling Style Backpack

If you want something that looks more like a purse or a delivery bag, they also have other options like this one “FurryFido Classic Reversible Dog & Cat Carrier Sling (click here for the link)“. If I was a girl I would totally use of one of these things but alas, I am not.

Do Cats Like Backpacks?

Actually, cats really like small confined spaces because it makes them feel secure. Plus there are breathing holes at the bottom. Make sure it isn’t too hot if you decide to put your cat in one of these. Also, only get one of these if your cat isn’t the type to freak out on travel because they can rip the fabric but I’m assuming they don’t as you probably wouldn’t have considered it anyway.

4. Bike Rack

This one isn’t technically a pet product but you could buy a bike rack for your bike and then strap your cat’s cat carrier onto the rack and let them travel that way with you. You’ll also want a carrier that has windows to see whats going on outside as well. If you don’t have a bike rack yet you could get the “Origin8 Rush Messenger Front Flat Rack (click for amazon link)” which works quite well.

You could also get a rear cargo rack and do this. The “Ibera Bike Rack – Bicycle Touring Carrier with Fender Board (click for amazon link)” if that’s your kind of thing.

As for the carrier if you want a good suggestion I would go with the “Pettom Pet Car Booster Seat Carrier (click for amazon link)“. This one would work really well because its similar to a bike basket but it also works as a carrier as well. If you don’t like that one any other carrier with mesh windows work work as well so as long as it fits on your bike of course.

Final Thoughts

If you want a great way to spend time with your pet and want them to get out of the house any of these options would be a great way to do it. Keep in mind cats really hate traveling at first so you will want them to get used to it at first. In other words, take them on really short trips first then gradually make them longer. Once they do they will love being outside with you.

If you want more of a selection of items check out my article on bike trailers here “Best Bike Trailers For Cats That I’ve Come Across“. You can also find an article that I wrote about cat backpacks as well which you can find at this link here “Best Cat Backpacks That I Recommend” and if you want see more of those baskets that I like then you can check out an article that I wrote about that here “Best Bike Baskets For Cats: My Recommendations“.