Must Have RV Cat Supplies

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Going on a trip with your cat on an RV soon or are a full time RVer? There are some things that can make this a lot easier on yourself and your pets. Here are some must have products that I think you should have while traveling with your feline companion.

Cat Tree

If you have room for one of these things, this is highly recommended as it gives your cat something to do while on the road and will stay out of trouble less. The one I recommend is the “SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo (click here for amazon link)”.

I like this one because it attaches to your wall so the cat condo will not tip over. This makes it perfect for RV travel. Another one I really like is called the “Nova Microdermabrasion Pet Republic 53 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree (click here for the amazon link)“. Its very durable, will last a very long time and best of all there is no assembly required.

These things can keep your cat entertained and even more relaxed as cats feel more comfortable when they are sitting in higher places. It’s a good place for them to be if they are new to the RV or just don’t like traveling in general. I would put it by the window as well as cats like to see what is outside. Especially the birds!

Pet Temperature Monitor

If you are camping these things are really useful to have. What it does is it will notify you on your smartphone whenever your RV get too hot inside. The “Temp Stick Wireless Temperature Sensor (click here for amazon link)” is a really good product for doing this.

Cat Door

Pet doors are really useful to have so I recommend getting one for your RV. One of the best ones you can get in my opinion is the “PetSafe 2-Way Locking Cat Door (click here for the link)“. You can use it for pets up to 15 pounds which is more than enough for most cat owners.

Kitty Ditty Outdoor Cat Enclosure

There website is at These things are really useful because It allows you to have a litter box attached outside of your RV so you don’t have to deal with offensive odors. If you don’t like the odor of cat litter (which nobody does) this thing would be really useful to have! The only downfall with this thing is I don’t think you can use it while driving.

Cat Litter Box

If a regular cat litter box is more your style then I would go with the “Nature’s Miracle Silver Oval Hooded Litter Box (click here for the link)“. I like this one because it does a really job containing odors which can be a big problem in RVs and its really easy to clean because you simply pull the tray and you dispose of the waste without much effort on your part.

Best of all you use less litter compared to other litter boxes which saves you money in the long run.

Scratching Post

Cats like scratching things and if you have one of these lying around they probably wont be scratching your belongings which I don’t think you really want. They are also good for their nails and it allows them to mark their territory.

The one I suggest to get is the “Frisco Cat Scratcher & Lounge Oblique with Catnip (click here for the link)“. I like this one because its not only a scratching posts but it doubles as a cat bed and it is infused with cat nip. I would really suggest this for people with RVs as the catnip can make your cat less anxious while on the RV.

Good Litter

Getting a litter box is really obvious if you have a cat but if you plan on putting your litter box inside of your RV you want to get really good litter the neutralizes odors really well as RV’s can be really cramped.

The litter that I use is “Ever Clean Everfresh Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter (click here for the link)“. Out of all the litter that I have used this one works the best for removing odors that I don’t want.

CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

This is a toilet for cats that automatically cleans up cat litter for you. If you can’t be bothered to clean up litter this will save you a lot of trouble. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.


There is point where you’re going to have to deal with shedding so it’s a good idea to have a vacuum around to get rid of all the hair that your cat might leave behind on the furniture. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Handheld Vacuum (click for amazon link).

Cat Perch/Hammock

A really great thing to have in your RV would be a cat perch. I would suggest getting one of these because cats enjoy looking out the window and watching the birds and sun bathing.

If you want one that doesn’t take up too much space I would go with “K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill (click here for the link)“. If you have a lot of space in your RV I would go with “Original KITTY COT World’s BEST Cat Perch (click for amazon link)“. It’s made out of really high quality material and will last a long time.

Cat Tent

If you want to bring your cat outside while you have your RV parked this would be a really good thing to invest in. One of the best ones you can go with is the “Outback Jack Happy Habitat Cat Playpen Tent (Click here for the link)“.

You can put a tube extension on the front (which you can find on here) and attach it to another tent. You can even do this with something like a window or door. I actually wrote a whole article about these types of tents at this link here “Best Outdoor Tents For Cats“.

Air Conditioning Unit

You will probably want to go do things alone while your cat is not around once in a while so having an air conditioning unit would be wise as RV’s can get really hot if they are not cooled down properly. The one I recommend is the “Dometic Polar White (click here for the amazon link)“. I like this one because it works really well and is probably the best one on the market.

Door/Window Cat Enclosures

Your cat can get really bored sitting around the RV all day long so it’s a good idea to get one of these things so they have more to do if you’re out camping. With a few modifications you can attach one of these to your RV door so your cat can go inside and outside anytime they want to but not go missing at the same time.

The “ABO Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House” is a enclosure that would be really good for this and you can go here if you want to see the Amazon listing. Other enclosure designs can be modified to do this with not only a door but windows as well.

If you want to go with something a little bit larger, is made with better materials and attaches to your window instead you could go with something like “TRIXIE Pet Products Cat Homes and Eclosures Product Variation (click for amazon link)“.

Cat Harness

If you don’t like the idea of setting up a cat enclosure or you just want more to do with your cat, a harness would be a really good investment. You can set up the harness so they can walk around the camp site and not go too far off.

Cats get kind of weird about harnesses so make sure they are used to wearing one. Some cats just don’t like wearing them no matter what you do. Otherwise go with the cat enclosure idea.

The one that I would suggest to get your cat would be the “Kitty Holster Cat Harness (click here for the amazon link)“. It’s one of the best harnesses you can get and it’s in the vest design which is the design that is most safe and secure.

If you want more of a selection of cat harnesses you can read my article about that here “Best Cat Harnesses You Can Buy“.

Cat Carrier

Cat carriers can be really useful when driving because it keeps not only you but your cat safe as well. If you want an idea on which carriers are the best you can go to my article here where I list some of my favorite ones. “Best Cat Carriers For Long Distance Travel“.

Picket Line

If you don’t want your cat to get bored you should really get one of these. Otherwise you’ll have to keep them in a cat enclosure the whole time. This will allow your cat to walk around the campsite without getting lost. The one I suggest to get is the “Tough-1 Picket Line Kit“. This is generally used for horses but can be used for other animal too including cats.

Pheromone Spray

If your cat is going to be on an RV for the first time a pheromone spray might be a good thing to invest in as cats can be freaked out by being in a moving vehicle if they are not used to it. I highly recommend pheromones made by “Feliway Cat Calming Pheromone Spray (click here for the amazon link)“. They work for both cats and kittens and work very well for what they are meant to be used for.


I do not recommend micro chipping your cat as it has a lot if cons to using one. There is evidence that these can cause cancer, neurological problems and they can even migrate to other parts of their bodies causing even more problems for them. These risks are very rare but I’m one of those people that doesn’t really like to risk it.

Not to mention, I don’t think they are really worth the money. It’s not like they work like a GPS where you can automatically track where your cat is at all times. I would only recommend getting one of these if you are afraid of your cat getting stolen or if for some reason you plan on moving to another country with them.

If someone claims the cat isn’t yours you can prove ownership of them if they have one implanted. Instead I would just use a regular collar with identification instead. It’s safer and a lot cheaper.

Odor Neutralizer

You really don’t want your RV to smell like cats all the time so getting pet odor neutralizers would make your RV smell a lot better. Go with “Zero Odor Pet Odor Eliminator (click here for the amazon link)“. as I think this is the brand that works the best.

Non Spill Dish

RV’s move around so a dish like this would be really nice to have as you’re less likely to spill water all over the place. Not to mention you cat could knock it over as well. This is a good quality one that you can buy here on Amazon.

Automatic Food Dispenser

A food dispenser can be really useful because it can help you not waste food and it controls food portions. The one I recommend is the “PetSafe Smart Feed 2.0 Wifi-Enabled Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder (click here for the link)“. I like this particular food dispenser because it very well priced and it works very well for automatically scheduling meals and how much food for your cat. It also has Wifi features and the ability to control it with your smartphone and Amazon Echo which I’m all for.

Cat Bed

You want your cat to be comfortable while on the road so a cat bed would be a really good thing to invest in. I already mentioned this item but I would go with the Frisco Cat Scratcher & Lounge Oblique with Catnip which I listed above.

If this one isn’t your style I would go with the “Mau Lifestyle Horizon Wool Felt Cave Cat Bed (click here for the link)“. It looks very modern and cats feel very secure in small enclosed spaces so this one is perfect for cats to sleep in.