10 Places To Take Your Cat For Fun

Looking for some ideas where you can take your cat so they’re not as bored all the time? Traveling with your cat can be potentially fun but where can you take them exactly? It doesn’t seem like you can really take them anywhere but to tell you the truth there are many things you can do with them outside your home.

Keep in mind that some cats will not like traveling and you have to adjust them to this lifestyle. Some may never get used to it so don’t force this on them if that becomes the case. If your cat has the right personality and you want to give it a shot here are some of the best things you can do with them in my opinion.


Camping is a great activity idea if you want your cat to not be stuck in the house all the time and you want them to get some fresh air. To be able to do this you really need to plan everything first.

You will need a cat harness, food, water and many other things to make the trip a pleasurable experience. Otherwise they could have a really stressful time or it could even be dangerous for them due to things like wildlife, or even things such as bacteria and poison.

Regardless of the pitfalls this can be a really fun experience for not only you but your cat as well. I wrote an article on this which you can find here “Everything About Camping With Cats“.


This is another great activity you can do with your pet. This is also a great way for them to get exercise as well. You definitely don’t want to overdo something like this and you want to bring the right gear and supplies with you. Anything more than 2 miles would be too much of a walk but some cats can actually handle more than that. Just like humans your cat can only walk so far.

It can also be dangerous if you are not careful and not watch what they are doing. Just like camping you will have to watch out for wildlife and poisonous substances. As long as you are careful you don’t really have much to worry about and can be quite enjoyable if you want to do something beyond just typical walks with them.

If you want to know more information on hiking with cats and want to know how to go about doing this I wrote an article about it which you can find here “How To Hike With A Cat: Everything You Should Know“.

Road Tripping

If you get your cat used to car rides you could bring them on a road trip with you if you’re going somewhere on vacation. Cats really do not like traveling but they can really enjoy car rides if you get them used to doing it. You will also need a cat carrier or a harness and pet seat belt if this is something you want to do with them. A litter box is also something you will need if it is a long trip.

If you decide to stay at a hotel if your trip is very long and need a place to stay make sure that the hotels you stay at are cat friendly. Some hotels will not allow you to have a cat or pets in general since they can damage furniture which can cost them money so just be aware of that and plan ahead to avoid problems.

If you want to know how to go on long road trips with your pet without having loads of problems read my article about that at this link here “Traveling With Cats In A Car Long Distance“.

Boating Or Cruise Ships

Even though cats have a reputation for hating water, a lot with people with boats will actually take their cats on boating trips with them. I would especially suggest doing this if you have a cat breed that actually enjoys water like the Turkish Van or Bengals.

You could also take them on a cruise ship as some cruise ships allow you to have a cat on board. Just make sure to read there policies just so you are sure that they can come along with you.

However, if you are just going on your own boat just make sure you get them a life preserver and get them used to the boat if you decide to do this. If you want a guide on boating with cats here is a in depth one that I wrote on this page here “Boating With Cats: Everything You Need To Know“.


If you’re running some errands why not take them with you? If you have them leash trained and the store is pet friendly it could be a really good excuse to walk them. If you don’t like the idea of a leash or they just don’t like walking in one you could carry them around in a pet backpack.


If you want to go bike riding you could also take your cat with you. There are also some bike attachments that you can use to achieve this. You can use a bike basket which your cat can sit in or you can use a bike trailer which sits on the back of your bike and your cat can go inside of. I wrote an article about this which you can find here “3 Products That Allow You To Bike With Your Cat“.

Pet Convention

This isn’t a option that is open to the public but if for some reason you have the right connections to do something like this I would give this a go. There is one called “The Global Pet Expo” in Orlando Florida which you can find more info here http://globalpetexpo.org/index.html


This is another interesting idea to take you cat. If you bring them here you should consider sunscreen if they are a hairless breed otherwise it could lead to health problems. It would also be a good idea to harness train them so you can walk them around since that’s probably what you are going to do yourself anyway.

If you want a more thorough guide on this you can go to my article about it here “Taking Your Cat To The Beach: Things To Know Beforehand“.


If your cat is harness trained you could walk them around the park. This can actually be very beneficial to your cat and allows them to get exercise without getting lost or being put in danger.

Make sure there are no dogs around otherwise your cat could be in big trouble if the dog decides to chase your kitty. If you want to learn how to leash train your cat or want to know if your cat is even capable of doing so you can find my article on this here “How To Leash Train A Cat: A Complete Guide“.


You could bring your cat onto your RV and travel with them this way. As with any type of travel you really need to get them used to it. If you have an RV here is a guide I wrote about this “Rving With Cats: An In Depth Guide“.


As you can see your house isn’t the only place your cat has to be. There are plenty of things you can do with your feline friend if you really think about it.