Cat Breeds That Like To Travel

When traveling with pets a cat is probably something that doesn’t immediately pop into your mind does it? The thing is that traveling with cats is something that is slowly becoming more popular over time. You can do this with dogs so why not cats too?

The ironic thing is that cats really don’t like traveling too much but they can grow to enjoy it. Some breeds are also more likely to enjoy it than others and the best way to get them to do this is to travel with them at the earliest age possible.

So which breeds do I recommend travel with during traveling? Here is a list that I have come up with.

Siamese Cats

These types of cats are known to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds you can own and would be the perfect type of cat to travel with for this very reason. They also have very dog like personalities but they can be slightly stubborn especially at an older age.

They also can be quite talkative which can be a bad thing for certain travel situations. Overall I think they would be a very good choice to travel with if you know what you are doing with them and you start traveling with them at a younger age.

Abyssinian Cats

These are a very popular cat breed to train because of how easy it is to do and would do quite well as a travel companion. They are also one of the more friendly cat breeds that you can own.

They are also really good at adapting to new situations, they are a cat with a lot of energy and to top it all off is very active as well. If you are looking to travel with a cat this is one of the best breeds you could go with.

Japanese Bobtail Cats

This is another really good breed to travel with because of how social it is. It’s the type of breed that really likes to interact with other people. A cat with a personality like this is the perfect kind to go traveling with and they can adapt to new situations quite well. Bobtails that are calico are even better with this.

Persian Cats

These cats would do really well with traveling because they are easy to train, obedient and they have a very laid back personality. They are however not as intelligent as the Siamese or the Abyssinian but this is up for debate.

This breed also might not be a good choice for you if you plan on traveling in places with a really hot climate as they have really long hair. If this isn’t a problem this would be a very good choice to go with.

Bengal Cats

If you need the type of cat that is really active then this is definitely the one to go with. They like the attention of their owners and they get along quite well with other animals including dogs. These cats also have a tendency to like being in water as well. If you are the type that likes going on boat trips this would be a really good choice to go with.

Somali Cats

These cats are another type of breed that is very dog like which is a really good personality trait for traveling. They are also very social and like to be around humans and other animals alike.

Somalis are also very playful and are also really good for learning tricks like playing fetch which could be a fun thing to do while you are out traveling. This is the type of cat that loves to be active so if you like to travel this is the perfect cat to get.

Chantilly Cats

These longed hair cats would be very good for travel because they are very laid back and very friendly cats. They would not be that type of cat that likes to jump on everything and get into a load of trouble.

These cats also don’t like being in the same place for too long without anyone around because they have the tendency of getting lonely so traveling with them would be really good for them.

They also have a reputation of being good car riders. These cats can also be slightly weird around strangers and may not like to be around them.

Scottish Fold Cats

These are one of my favorite cat breeds but in terms of there personality they are a mixed bag. Some of them travel well and some of them don’t like it at all. It depends on the particular cats parents. They are also very playful cats and adapt to being around other pets as well.

These cats would be a good choice for travel because they don’t like being alone and like to bond with there owner so bringing them along would be quite smart. Scottish Folds would also benefit from having another cat around to play with them.

Exotic Shorthair Cats

These cats are very similar to the Persian cat in both appearance and personality but you don’t have to take care of there hair as much as them. In fact they are known as “The Lazy Mans Persian”. These cats however are not really an athletic type of cat so something like hiking might not be right for them.

Males tend to be a lot calmer than their female counterparts and this breed can be quite observant. If you want something like the Persian cat but don’t want to deal with the burden of grooming these would be the perfect pet for you.

Chartreux Cats

These cats can get quite big so you don’t want to over feed this breed. They are a very quiet breed, among one of the most laid back you can own and they can adapt to new situations quite well including traveling. If you like cats that are the big lovable fur ball type this is the one to get.

Russian Blue Cats

These cat would go well with traveling because they are a very laid back breed. This is a good thing because there is a lot less likely chance that they will get scared in the car, RV, plane etc.

They would also be a really good choice because you can take them to hotels guilt free without setting off allergies in others if they are allergic to cats.

Pixie-Bob Cats

This cat would do well with traveling because of how social it is and it’s desire to want to be around people. It would also do very well with traveling because it is a very calm breed which is what you want while you are in some type of vehicle.

Ragamuffin Cats

This is another cat breed that is a really good choice for traveling because of how calm it is and its openness to do things. You could also train them to walk on a leash or even play fetch with one of these.

Birman Cats

This type of cat would be great to travel with if you have multiple pets as it does not like being the only pet and needs another cat to be around. They are also a very active breed which makes them perfect for travel. They are also nice because they aren’t too intrusive.

Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are the type of breed that can learn how to fetch and walk on a leash so as a result they would most likely to enjoy traveling. an affectionate kind of cat that likes to sit on your lap.

They also like to bond with their owner which would also make them a good candidate to travel with. They are also really good with children.


There are other cat breeds that you could travel with even if there breed isn’t really fit for it and breeds that are fit for it might not necessarily be up for it either. If they are very laid back kind of cat you have a good chance of being able to travel with them without too much trouble.