Does Wet Cat Food Cause Soft Stool?

So your cat recently started having soft stools but can wet food possibly be the culprit of this problem? If you recently changed your cats diet or you’re simply incorporating a lot of moisture into their diet this can cause loose stools in some cats. What Is Soft Stool? Soft stool is when firm stool isn’t … Read more

Is A Maine Coon Cat Part Raccoon? (True Or False?)

If you think that raccoons and maine coons are related in some way you’re not completely wrong. The truth is even though these animals have been known to mate with each other they cannot create offspring due to biological differences. Matter of fact raccoons are more related to bears and have only a distant relation to … Read more

How Far Can Cats Travel When Lost?

Sometimes your cat can unfortunately go missing and it can be a very stressful thing to deal with because you may never see them again if they can’t find there way home. Well fortunately its not always the case. Up to 74% of cats that are lost usually end up finding there way back home … Read more

Is My Cat A Ragdoll or Himalayan?

Ragdoll and Himalayan cats are very similar breeds but there are however differences between the two if you look for certain features of the two. Unfortunately if you have kittens you won’t be able to tell the differences but as adults cats you can. Here are some of the things that you should look for … Read more

This Is Why Your Cat Has Tears After Eating

Sometimes when your cat goes to eat food their eyes for whatever reason start tearing up. Well, why is this exactly? lets go into some of the reason why this could happen. Reasons Why Your Cats Eyes Tear Up After Eating Cats eyes can tear up for a lot of reasons during eating. Some of … Read more